Prune Clematis

Left to their own devices, some clematis can grow into big, tangled knots, flowering only at the top well above eye level. Prune back hard now, though, and you’ll encourage lots of new shoots from low down on the plant – meaning the flowers are distributed better, too.

Rhubarb treat

Forced rhubarb costs a fortune in the shops, but it’s not difficult to force your own rhubarb crown at home each year, giving you as much as you can eat almost for free.

Displays of tropical Orchids

A magnificently colourful tunnel of Vanda orchids with three arches delicately covered with hanging blooms leads to hand crafted floating Thai umbrellas and an exquisite orchid palace inspired by the Thai Royal Family’s palace, Bang Pa-In. A traditional Thai market boat and rice paddy complete the scene.

Plant of the Week: Monstera

Monstera deliciosa, more commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, is the coolest plant on the block at the moment.

Forcing new potatoes

Start off some new potatoes in sacks undercover now and you could be harvesting your early summer treats weeks earlier this year!

Cutting back ornamental grasses

Eventually, even these most lovely of winter performers start to look a little battered. So cut them back hard now, before the new green shoots show so there is no risk of cutting them back as well.


Plant of the Week: Hyacinth

It won’t be long till they burst into flower, so now is the perfect opportunity to pop into the garden centre and pick up a bowl full of ready-grown bulbs just on the point of flowering.

Snowdrop month

February is the best time to visit gardens which specialise in snowdrops, and many hold snowdrop days so you can marvel at hundreds of different varieties.

Grow your own asparagus

Asparagus is one of the best-value crops you can grow. It’s really expensive in the shops – yet if you grow your own it costs pennies, and you get to feast each spring on as much as you can eat!

Gardening in February

There are snowdrops and crocuses galore to prove spring is just around the corner, and you can risk sowing the first hardy vegetables undercover in a heated propagator to kick-start the veg growing year.

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